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    • Defiant XRE Tall Fescue Seed

      From $16.95
    • Brilliant 12 Volt Low Wattage Transformers

      From $47.50
    • Hunter Node Battery Controller

      From $149.00
    • Aquablade Acrylic Waterwall 30mm Lip Bottom Entry

      From $148.00
      waterwall press.jpg
    • Brilliant MR16 5.5 Watt LED Globe

    • Hyjet MHR550 Mains Change Over, HSJ550 and Brass Pressure Reg

    • Hunter X-Core Outdoor Irrigation Controller

      From $139.00
    • Valve Box Rectangular Large 14196

    • Instant Turf Sir Walter Buffalo

      From $12.95
    • Hunter MP 2000 Rotator Nozzle

      From $12.95
    • Pondmax RapiClear Pond Foculent 473ml

    • Instant Turf RTF Tall Fescue

      From $9.95
    • All Weather 5000lt Slimline Tank

    • Free Irrigation & Lighting Design

    • Toro Drip-Eze 13mm Drip Tube 0.3 Spacing, 2lt Per Hour (PC)

      From $30.50
    • Bromic Waterboy Pressure Pumps

      From $385.00
    • Brilliant Stiletto Adjustable Spike Spot

      From $29.95
    • Shade Seed Blend 5Kg

    • Irritrol Wireless Rain Sensor

    • Toro Evolution 4-16 Station Modular Controller

    • Waterme Wifi 10 Zone Irrigation Controller

    • Brilliant Elf Path Light

    • Tru Lawn Cool Plus 3.68mt X Linear Mt

    • Rainbird Professional Tap Timer

    • Hyjet HSJ Jet Pressure Pumps

      From $463.00
    • Holman Digital Tap Timer CO3005

    • Oase Water Quintet Creative

    • Pondmax Pro Pond Vacuum

    • Pondmax 3 in 1 Pond Solution

      From $32.90
    • Pondmax Pressure Filter & UV Clarifier

      From $415.00
    • Toro Battery Operated Single Station Timer

      From $129.00
    • Grundfos Sololift2 Macerators

      From $545.00
    • PondMAX PV350L Pond Vacuum

      From $325.00
    • Aqualux Elements ASL-04 Stainless Steel Pond Light

      From $114.40
    • Aqualux Elements AWL-01-BR Solid Bronze Hooded Steplight

      From $77.00
    • Aqualux AQL-195 LED Micro Deck Light

      From $105.60
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    Antelco Ezy Valve, Complete 4 Way Solenoid Valve Assembly

    The Antelco eZyvalve4 is a fully assembled 4 solenoid valve distribution system, self contained in a compact water and dust-proof valve box. eZyvalve4™ is simple to install as past of a complete micro irrigation system.


    Irritrol 2400MT 25mm Jar Top Solenoid Valve

    The 2400 Series Control Valve was released in 1981 as the world's first "Jar Top" (screwless) solenoid valve. The patented breakthrough proved immediately popular with contractors thanks to its solid construction, low frictional losses and above all, its serviceability.


    Irritrol 2500MTF 25mm Solenoid Valve

    These full-featured, rugged, debris-tolerant valves feature flow ranges from .1 to 120 Litres per minute, making them ideal for everything from drip to high-flow residential and light-commercial applications. The 2500 Series valves are constructed of heavy duty, corrosion and UV resistant PVC and stainless steel.


    Irritrol 205MT 25mm Solenoid Valve

    The Richdel 205 Series Control Valves are considered "industry icons". Over 30 years of consistent excellence have made these valves the choice of contractors for dependability, performance and value. Their low frictional losses, performance under high pressure and proven hydraulic reliability have set the standard for all 25mm valves.


    Toro EZ Flo Plus 25mm Jar Top Solenoid Valve

    EZ-Flo® Plus Series' jar-top design makes it the convenient choice for residential applications. With its threaded bonnet system and heavy-duty cap ring (no screws needed), these valves allow for easy maintenance checks and servicing.


    Hunter PGV 101 25mm Solenoid Valve

    The Hunter PGV Professional Grade Valves Ready for All System Sizes. This hard working, heavy-duty valve offers the best features of Hunter’s top-of-the-line valves. Built with enough durability to handle the rigors of most residential and light commercial sites.

    From $31.50

    Hunter PGV Jar Top 25mm Solenoid Valve

    For maximum in convenience, reliability, and ease of service in a residential valve, the PGV Jar-Top is the solution. With the PGV Jar-Top, it’s possible to service a Hunter valve without using any tools. Even with this ease-of-maintenance and operational simplicity, the PGV Jar-Top still delivers quality and performance to handle the demands of any residential system


    Rainbird DVF-100 25mm Jar Top Solenoid Valve

    The Rain Bird Jar Top Valve (JTV) provides versatility, reliability, affordability and ease of service for residential and light commercial applications. The threaded bonnet design allows for tool-free access and maintenance, eliminating the need to remove and replace multiple screws.


    Hunter ICV Solenoid Valves

    In order to create a plastic valve that can consistently operate at 15 bar, Hunter relies on only materials that are both time and contractor proven. Created to handle the wide range of conditions different sites will bring, the ICV valve includes both a fabric reinforced EPDM diaphragm and seat, and flow control as standard features.

    From $178.10

    MV75 Series 20mm Solenoid Valves

    The HR MV75 Micro Solenoid Valve is a mini control valve for use in drip or spray/jet home watering systems. Internal filter Heavy duty engineering plastic construction Australian made Working pressure range 20-1400kPa.

    From $27.00

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